Tuesday, October 14, 2008

He's got the ability to transcend borders and bring hope to Ottawa, too

(UPDATE: Oct.14 - Obama Concedes Election to Canadian Candidates! Details below.)

Canada, the election is here and it's time we had a dynamic alternative to the same old Conservative, Liberal, NDP, and Bloc ideas and players. It's time to really shake things up.

Show your willingness to embrace Change. Support Barack Obama as our new hope on Parliament Hill.

Help spread the word to other Canuck-friendly folks.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Not Just a Wardrobe, It's a New Day in Canadian Politics

The emperor's new clothes—

A Conservative make-over is in store this election with Barack Obama on the scene.

Jack's liking this Obama for Prime Minister T-Shirt and you will too.

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Liberals, Put Up A Good Fight in This Fall's Election

(UPDATE: This t-shirt contains NO Conservative 'bird ad' droppings!)

Stronger Together — with Obama as leader, that is.

Barack Obama is the guy to Shift this nation.

Seen here, the Red/White Baseball T-shirt. In fact, any shirt style is available with this logo.

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The Newest of the New...

...It's Barack, that's who.

Accept no imitations, Canada. The real Obama is here. And not a moment too soon.

Show your support for the Democrat.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Next Stop: 24 Sussex Drive

Whether by aged campaign plane (or flying in Cashmere Class) or riding the train, the candidates are crisscrossing Canada to spread the new message of hope — Obama for PM.

All aboard!

Show your support. Click on designs to the left to order.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Looks Like This Debate Needs Some Obama

Get your voice heard along with the big guys, even if you're not invited. (UPDATE: now invited!)

Join the debate! Support Obama for an 'EnvirObama' friendlier Canada.

Obama flower (saw blade?) logo available in all t-shirt styles.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bonjour, Canada!

"Changer" is coming our way with Barack Obama running for Prime Minister.

Quebecers already know it, and now you can show it.

This shirt design is available in blue sleeves (as pictured here) or in any style shirt. Roughly translates as "B. Obama — What a Guy for Prime Minister!" Select size and style at checkout. Prices from $16.95 plus shipping.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Despite Big Support, Obama defeated in Canada's Election

Oct.14 - Ahead in polls and in our hearts, Obama nevertheless fails to get the votes.

Canada, it's time to examine what went wrong and to point fingers!

Now, whether it's in shame or to blame, there's a shirt for you. Click on designs below to order yours.

Real Change from each sale— one Loonie to be exact— goes to support the Canadian Red Cross.





That's right, they come in XL

Steppin' out in style during the Canadian General Election and as the choice for a visionary leader becomes clear — Obama For PM.

Comes with his campaign logo, Canadian style — with igloo and maple leaf. (Obviously Barack knows a lot about us!)

Just pick your shirt style and size at checkout and you're ready to hit the trail, partner. Starting at $16.95.

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Some Background on the Barack Obama For PM campaign

This campaign was inspired by polling data that showed Canadians prefer Obama over our own leaders; Obama 26%, Harper 21%.

(UPDATE! September 23rd Poll shows that Obama has 42% of voter support compared to Harper with 29%. LANDSLIDE!)

A recent article mentioning this site best explains the biggest impact that "Obamamania" may have on the Canadian electorate: forcing people to think seriously about the kind of future they want.

We are serious about having a bit of fun with the election. And about getting out to vote -- be sure to do it. And if you see Obama's name on a ballot in your riding, be sure to let us know!

MORE Background on the Obama for PM campaign

Journalist/filmmaker Kristin MacCary gets a behind the scenes view on this campaign and Canada's Obama fascination.

This will be part of her election-related documentary "The Altered States of America", which includes an interview with Noam Chomsky and many others, to be released in 2009.

Recorded 29 October 2008

Obama For PM's Plan for the Future

Running for Prime Minister isn't all about fun. Obama's got a serious plan for the future, Canada.

This is a plan that involves real change — the Loonies and Twoonies kind.

One dollar from every 'Obama for PM' shirt sold is being directed to the Canadian Red Cross and their future disaster relief efforts in Canada.

Obama for PM thanks you.